Timeless, Inspired & Connected

COBY® is about connections. It’s the link between people and technology, innovation and attainability. Steeped in heritage, COBY is a global brand known for premium technology and sleek design within its family of electronics, accessories and products for the home. Founded in 1991, COBY’s strong value proposition offers quality entertainment experience at the right price.



A market leader for over 30 years, COBY® was founded in 1991 and quickly became known for innovative electronics that give consumers the premium features they’re looking for at affordable prices. The strong value proposition behind the name has paid off in the form of international distribution for its products. As a globally recognized brand registered in over 50 countries, COBY offers the possibility of ubiquitous extensions to a variety of industries, and is currently best known for creating audio and visual products and accessories that deliver a quality entertainment experience.